Fees & bookings

Check out the costs and book in your Dash Swim School classes or private lessons today.

Check out the costs and book in your Dash Swim School classes or private lessons today.

Dash group lessons

Our swim programme is aligned with primary school terms, which are usually 10 weeks, but can vary from 9–11 weeks. All group classes are $13.50 per lesson. You book and pay for a term's worth of lessons. The cost per term is usually $121.50 – $148.50, and needs to be paid before the term starts.

There is no swim school on public holidays, and your fees are adjusted accordingly. The cost for your term will be confirmed with you as part of booking. Contact us  (04) 237 1518 or dash@poriruacity.govt.nz if you have any questions.

Returning customers rebooking lessons

Returning customers are able to book for the following term midway through the current term. Your instructor or the pool supervisor will let you know when bookings open. Contact us  (04) 237 1518 or dash@poriruacity.govt.nz to confirm your place.

Week 1 of term Sign and return your swimming confirmation and pay all fees by your first lesson
Week 5 of current term Booking opens for existing customers to rebook same class, day and time for next term
Week 6 of current term Bookings open for new customers, and for existing customers who are changing class. Preferential rebooking for existing customers closes. If you book after this time, you are not guaranteed to have the same day or time for your lessons

Private lessons

  • $30 per lesson for one person.
  • $40 per lesson for two people.

How to pay

We accept credit cards (Visa and MasterCard), cheque or cash, in person at either Arena Aquatic Centre or Cannons Creek Pool, or credit card payments over the phone.

Booking enquiry

Child or person who will be taking the lesson
Level, day and time if you have a preference
We like to know if children can put their face in the water, are happy to put their head under, float, or have had any negative experiences. If you've been to other lessons then feel free to tell us about those as well.
Allergies, learning needs, medial conditions

We'll get back to you within a few days (as long as it's not the weekend or a public holiday), and let you know which classes we have available, and what the cost will be.

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