Room details

Te Rauparaha has a room for every size and occasion - Main Stadium, Small Stadium, Meeting Rooms 1 & 2 & The Theatre

Main Stadium

The Main Stadium is the heart of the Arena, with a floor space of over 2,454 m² or three full sized sports courts and is known for hosting local, national and international events.

Small Stadium

The Small Stadium has a floor space of 857 square metres (1 full size court)


Ideal for workshops, lectures, forums and video screening sessions

Meeting Room 1

This meeting room is located on the first floor of the Arena. The retractable divider wall allows the room to be versatile to use as one large space or divided into two smaller rooms

Meeting Room 2

Meeting Room 2 is located on the first floor of the Arena and has a floor space of 73 square metres, with a sprung floor.

Additional spaces

Changing rooms, umpire rooms and a first aid room are all available as part of your booking