Room details

Te Rauparaha has a room for every size and occasion - MCG Stadium, NZCT Stadium, Meeting Room 1 & 2, The Theatre

Mana Community Grants Foundation Stadium

The Mana Community Grants Foundation Stadium (MCG stadium) is the heart of the arena, with a floor space of 2,495 square metres (3 full size courts)

NZCT Stadium

The New Zealand Community Trust Stadium has a floor space of 857 square metres (1 full size court)


Ideal for workshops, lectures, forums and video screening sessions

Meeting room 1

This meeting room is upstairs at the Arena. It can be used as one big room, or two smaller breakout rooms.

Meeting room 2

Meeting room 2 is a versatile room, a great practice space with a sprung floor

Additional spaces

Changing rooms, umpire rooms and a first aid room are all available as part of your booking