National Sports Honours Wall Nomination form

National Sports Honours Wall Criteria

The following criteria and eligibility shall be used to guide the determination of representation on the Nation Sports Honours Wall

  1. Individual selected in sports that represented New Zealand at a senior level (not junior or age grade). 
  2. The sport must have a national body and office that is aligned internationally. 
  3. Must have resided in Porirua for at least twelve month and whilst representing New Zealand or when they become a National representative.


The following process is for display of the new inductees of the Porirua City National Honours Wall.

  • Nominations / request for display can be made at any time, however a council selection committee will review and display a new representative each calendar quarter. 
  • Nominations can be received by: 
    a. Individuals
    b. Family
    c. Club
    d. Regional or National Governing body
  • The nominee must provide approval of being displayed prior to progressing in further process.
  • Proof of National selection and competition attended must be provided.
  • The Committee considers all eligible nominations that meet the National Sports Honours Wall selection criteria and approves display.
  • Upon confirmation of selection Council Officers will confirm with nominee via email or letter. 

Nominees's details

Please complete all mandatory fields with a

Please include home, work and cell numbers
Please include name in full, club or organisation and designation (if appropriate), contact number and email address
Please email any supporting documentation to [email protected] - proof of selection, newspaper clippings, photos etc

Please provide two good quality photographs in digital format preferably in National Uniform to be used on digital display wall, by emailing a JPEG file to [email protected].

Privacy provision 

In accordance with the Privacy Act, Porirua City Council and Porirua Community Trust Undertaken to use the information provided for the sole purpose of activities and procedures related to the selection process of the display on the National Honours Wall.