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Te Rauparaha Arena is open 361 days a year

Te Rauparaha Arena is open 361 days a year

Porirua's premier indoor sports complex, aquatic centre, fitness centre and events venue.

Opening hours

Monday to Friday 5.30am to 9.00pm
Saturday and Sunday 8.00am to 7.00pm
Public Holidays Stadiums Open for hire only

Visit the Arena

Address Te Rauparaha Arena
17 Parumoana St
Porirua 5024
Phone +64 4 237 1521
Email [email protected]

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Visiting for an event

Usually the doors open for an event up to an hour ahead of the start time, but check your tickets for special conditions. Come to the main entrance and head to the left of the reception desk. If you're unsure of where to go, just come to reception and we'll help you on your way. If you're late, you may have to wait to go in (that's up to the event organiser).


Tickets for events held at Te Rauparaha Arena are sold through the Ticketspace website or over the counter at Te Rauparaha Arena. A per ticket service & online card processing fee applies whether you are buying them online or in person at the Te Rauparaha Arena ticketing counter.

There are eight mobility car parks available for people with disabilities who have an Operation Mobility Permit. Display your mobility pass when you use these parks.

There are fully accessible toilets located at the building entrance near the cafe, as well as down the main corridor of Te Rauparaha Arena.

Wheelchair users or those with mobility issues can contact us if they need some assistance or special seating arrangements to enjoy an event.

In the theatre, there is a hearing loop available for those with a hearing impairment. Please ask the venue staff to help you with this service.

Te Rauparaha Arena is proud to be Porirua’s premier events centre. We aim to ensure that all of our patrons have a memorable and top-class experience every time they visit our venue. To help achieve this, we have a few conditions of entry for everyone’s safety and comfort, and we ask that everyone abides by the following conditions:

* Please note that venue hirers may impose additional conditions for their specific event.

Dress code

  • Clothing must be of an appropriate and decent standard
  • No visible gang patches
  • Bare feet are not permitted
  • Hooded jerseys may be worn but hoods are not to be worn over the head

Bag searches for ticketed events

Please note

  • your bags/possessions may be subject to a search upon entering or exiting the venue
  • if you refuse a bag search, you may be denied entry into the venue
  • prohibited items (as listed below) will be confiscated 

Items that cannot be brought into Te Rauparaha Arena

  • alcohol
  • illegal substances
  • glassware, glass bottles/cans
  • commercially branded food and drink
  • dogs or other pets (guide dogs/assistance dogs are permitted)
  • skateboards, scooters, bicycles or roller blades
  • laser pointers, fireworks, flares
  • helium balloons
  • LPG bottles
  • large amounts of water
  • recording devices for commercial purposes
  • professional cameras (ie cameras with a detachable lens) or video recorders
  • marker pens, spray paint or tagging equipment
  • any item that may compromise or otherwise impact on the safety, comfort and enjoyment of other patrons or affect the security of the venue.

Venue management has final authority over items permitted in the venue.

Smoking, vaping and e-cigarettes

Te Rauparaha Arena is a non-smoking environment and smoking, vaping and e-cigarettes are not permitted within the venue at any time.


There are no ATM or cash-out facilities within the venue, however there are ATMs within two minutes’ walk of the venue.


Security cameras are operating throughout the whole building, for the safety and security of all patrons.

Patrons bring personal belongings into the venue at their own risk. Te Rauparaha Arena will not take responsibility for any damage to or loss of personal property. 

Disruptive and antisocial behaviour will not be tolerated within our venue. This includes, but is not limited to, verbal/physical abuse of staff or any other patrons, attempting to enter a restricted area, defacing, throwing objects, climbing and blocking thoroughfares.

You may be required to leave the venue if you engage in conduct that unreasonably interferes with the enjoyment of the event by other customers, including (but not exclusive to) fighting, foul language, abusive conduct; any act that hampers or impedes the conduct of the event or breaches any by-laws applicable to the venue.

Management reserves the right to refuse entry to any person, and to remove from the premises, any person who violates any of the conditions listed above.

No ticket refunds will be provided in case of violation of these conditions.

Please note that restrictions and conditions may vary for specific events, based on promoter’s requirements and requests.


Events Calendar

Check out the public events that are happening at Te Rauparaha Arena, the Aquatic Centre and our other venues.

Casual use

Casual use of the courts when they aren't booked is welcomed. Bring your basketball down for a bounce! Casual players may need to share the space with other basketballers as we do not offer exclusive access.

Please make sure you're wearing non marking sports shoes, and no wheels (take them outside to the skate park).

Wifi & internet

All visitors to Te Rauparaha Arena have free access to PoriruaFree while in the building. Daily limits apply. Outside in the park and surrounding areas, free Gigabit Wi-Fi is available.

Accommodation near Te Rauparaha Arena

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